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Postcards from The Bluff...

The owner of this unmailed Jefferson Hotel card wrote:
"This hotel -- where I stayed, was nearly swept away by recent flood from Red River. There were some buildings in the rear of hotel and all were swept into river. Part of the Courthouse + about 100 buildings went down."
He got his rivers mixed up, but the rest is an accurate description of the big flood of 1908.

Mailed from Pine Bluff in 1912. The sender wrote:
"Cross country on the most marvelously primitive RR you ever rode on. On way to Hot Springs all on time so far. Beautiful Spring night."

In between all the fun, this Pine Bluff tourist wrote in 1910:
"Having a jolly good time. Wish you were up here."

Too lazy to mail the card, this crumbum still bothered to write:
"Horses! Mules! Donkeys! Give me Okla. or Tex.!"
Let's hope he got back to his beloved Dust Bowl.
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